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Combination/Acne Prone Skin Foundation


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Hello girls! 🙂 I would like to get a new foundation. I have combination, acne prone skin and I need a long-lasting, non oily make-up with medium coverage. I 've heard about Vichy Dermablend ( ) and also Diorskin Forever ( ). They are both mousse formulated thus suitable for oily/combination skin but I am wondering if they will look natural and fresh on my face.

Has any of you tried either of those? Would appreciate any reviews!

Thanks a lot 🙂

Hello again! Speaking of oily/acne prone skin I would like a new face sunscreen. I am about to buy this oil free one by DrMurad. Any reviews?

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I would buy oily free products only. Also you can add tea tree oil to your beauty regime. It will decrease the oil and inflammation on your skin. I have acne and I am using benzoyl peroxide and it dries out my skin a lot, but maybe for you it will be too intense. 

Vichy has good products, I'd stick to it. Also the soap you use is important. I couldn't stand any that are sold in supermarkets and even pharmacies so I had to start making my own. I use this thing as a base Soap & Melt Goat's Milk and if you're interested, write me a message. 


If you are suffering from acne, you might want to try Isotretinoine. It is a cream that is prescribed for severe acne, brown spots and some other skin conditions. It is also called Vitamin A acid.

When starting with this cream, the symptoms can worsen during the first three to four weeks. After a few months, the effect of this medicine reaches its peak. You should use it for four to eleven months for brown spots, and for several weeks for acne and roseaca.

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