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wild growth hair oil

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It is also beneficial in sustaining a well balanced blood sugar level. Biotin hair growth vitamins and items are mostly available in the kind of capsules and tablets as a lot of people perceive that hair regrowth process gets more quickly when biotin is used into the body somewhat than applying it on the effected area.

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Hi girls! I recently went at the beach for my first swim and tanning session and I got James Read's coconut balm which I used for my hair as well. It is truly amazing leaves the hair very soft and hydrated and protects them from the sun and salt. I use it as a hair mask since and I have seen amazing results on hair growth and strength. I would definitely recommend it


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I use Afida's essential hair growth oil  gently massage onto the scalp in a circular motion for 5-8 minutes so that oil penetrates deep inside the scalp. I use this overnight for getting the best results.

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To get the long and thick hair you have dreamt of for years; consider using this Wild Growth Hair Oil. Even though cheap and attainable in a compact 4-ounce container, its performance is desirable. The rich all-natural ingredients used to make it, for instance, detangle and soften hair well. The also reduce blow time and stretch and relax hair to promote healthy growth. This concentrated formula is affordable, relatively easy to use, and lacks irritants such as preservatives.Wild Growth hair oil and oil moisturizer Help your hair grow thicker and faster Fragrance, synthetic color, and preservative-free.  


  • hair grow thicker and faster Fragrance
  • synthetic color
  • preservative-free